Monday, 16 February 2015


Happy Monday All! I know not everyone likes Mondays, sometimes we just feel like wrapping ourselves up in the sheets and hibernating there and sometimes we feel like sitting in front of the TV until it reaches the weekend. To be honest, we are spending more and more time surrounded by technology and less time getting up and doing something productive with our time. There are so, so many things that we can do that is a bit different and out of our ordinary routines. These are the types of things that make life just that little bit more exciting! Because of this, I decided that I would make a list complete to do just that. Some of these are a little crazy some of this are reasonable but fun, but all of them are doable! You can turn these into a bucket list or just something to fill in your free time but I CHALLENGE all of you to do at least one of them by the end of this week.
hope you enjoy!

Experience someone else's culture
Learn photography
Visit a gallery
Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day
Go to a carnival
See a film...alone
See a rainforest
Travel to a different country
Try being a vegetarian/vegan for a week
learn to sew
Find a passion
Do something for someone else without expecting something back
Make a tree house
Go to the zoo
Go for a hike
Go to a festival or concert
Plan a spontaneous night in with just you and your friends
Write a book, poem or short story
Start a small business
Switch on some music and dance
Go camping
Throw a party
Run a marathon
Try something new
Spend some time with your family
Go skiing or snowboarding
Learn another language
Play a sport
Learn to cook and bake
Learn to do a back flip
Learn to do the splits
Do something crazy like sky diving
Get a pet
Read a book
Go on a mission
Go for a long long walk
Go to the beach
Listen to the birds singing
Call a friend
Change things up , change your hairstyle, clothes...
Open your window, then sing your favourite song really, really loud
Get on a bus with no particular destination
Join a gym or workout at home
Dye your hair a crazy colour
Take a swim in the freezing cold
Visit a theme park and ride the scariest ride
Visit a museum, history isn't always boring
Gate crash a big event
Make a photo album
Make a memory wall of all your best times
Go for a spa day
Climb the highest tree you can see
Go somewhere no one would expect you to be seen
Take some pictures
Go shopping
Buy something incredibly expensive
Be brave
Conquer your greatest fear
Be generous
Dance in the middle of a busy street
Sit on your roof and watch the world go by
Have a sleepover, no matter your age
Have a picnic
Have a food fight
Plant some flowers and make a flower garden
Enter a competition
Create your life goals
Make a new friend
Compliment a stranger
Make some arts and crafts
Have a paper airplane competition
Pick some flowers for someone
Have breakfast for dinner
Have Dinner for Breakfast
Start a diary
Invent something
Create a new recipe
Go out for coffee
Start a blog
Take a really long bath
Make a youtube channel
Write a letter to someone special and send it
Start a collection
Redecorate your bedroom
Build a fort
Start a home library
Donate your old clothes to a charity
Create a new identity for yourself
Do a puzzle
Spend some time alone
Create your own perfume
Pretend to be a celebrity
Talk to a really old person 
Listen to a different type of music
Come out of your shell
Walk and leave your shoes at home
And last but not least .... do something that makes you smile

That has got to be my longest list post ever! I definitely want to try these out! Please let me know in the comments below which ones you will be trying. Have an amazing week!


  1. I love all the ideas!
    I. Accept. The. Challenge.
    Wish me luck!

    (Though I may have school off tomorrow due to snow)

    1. Yay! i am so lad that you are getting involved!

  2. I'm a vegetarian so that's done :P
    Go by movies are the creepy people I think and what's fun in that..I spend a lot of time alone in my room though so that's done..
    I always pretend to be a celebrity so check :P
    Puzzle I love puzzle I try one if get my hand on it..check :)
    Volunteer..I did last year..would love to this year as well..check?
    I'm having enough trouble with my life as me and as Neal Kind can't handle another so Neal Kind should give me.check :P
    Giving away old mom usually gives them to maid (Is the term offensive I'm not sure)..check anyhoo
    New recipe..I make weirdest sandwiches I do,always experimenting with it some are really good some not so much..check
    Start a 120+ GB comic collection counts? check
    All my baths are really long..check
    Dinner for breakfast..when there's leftover so check
    Breakfast for dinner..I had it today only..eggs check :P
    Paper airplane
    art and crafts..check
    Make a new friend..would you be my new friend? :D check
    Life goals..well not of very far away but kind of yeah..check
    Enter a competition..check ( I lost -_-)
    Gardening..I'm a freak..check
    Scariest ride?Roller coaster?..check :P
    Birds singing..I have windows running from one end of wall to another and all day long birds sit outside it and hear them in my room (I can also hear the bat flying about at night :P)..check
    Long long walk..check
    Read a book..check
    Switch on always is on..either on my laptop or on my mobile and I'm not even kidding..check
    Zoo? I can live there :D..check
    Sunrise is usually what's tough to catch being sound asleep :P
    Wow that's one long comment :P

    1. i don't think anyone has ever written such a long comment on my blog before! Thank you! you seem to have done a lot of these!

  3. I LOVE this list!! I think I might print it off and try to do as many of these as possible :) hehe, thanks for sharing! x

    1. i am so glad you like it , let me know how you get on:)

  4. This list is great! Thanks for compiling it, there's so many things I want to do that's listed there. All those activities sounds interesting too, I might want to do all, haha. But I'll definitely start on learning to cook and bake first. And then maybe watch a good film and go for a hike? Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks Dian! Cooking and baking is actually really fun , you should try it!

  5. Love these ideas, I'm going to save this posts on my bookmarks so when I'm bored I can choose something haha thanks xx

    J-e.m | Beauty,Fashion & Lifestyle

    1. Thanks Jess! i appreciate all of your comments!

  6. Heeey! Hope you have a great day!
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    1. I am having a great day thank you! I will be in touch soon!

  7. nice post
    great ideas :)
    thanks for comment on my page i following you now :)

  8. I'm going to print these out and stick them to my wall and try do to at leas one every week hehe :D
    I absolutely love posts like this one ♥
    Have a fantastic day!

    1. I am so happy that you want to do this! hope you have a great day!

  9. Ah perfect I needed this reminder for sure that it's good in fact great to get out of your cocoon for a while! Great list too I shall start doing many of them off the bat!

    1. I second that! I will join you in join as many as possible!

  10. Such great ideas! I will definitely try to do a few! :)

    Beauty Inside Art

  11. Seems fun, I'm definitely going to try a few!

  12. This is great! Love it so much!
    Thanks for your comment inside my blog. Followed you on gfc, would be great if you follow me too :)

  13. Great Read! Especially for a Monday :) Loving the look of your blog!

    also wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for 'The Versatile Blogger Award', you can see my post here:

    Grace x

    1. Thanks so so much Grace! I really appreciate your comment! thanks for readingx