Monday, 12 October 2015


There's something about these autumn months that gets me so excited. I feel like its around about October that something inside me clicks and just says : 'right, you need to make some changes' and usually, I follow this feeling.
This past week, as the school term continues to drag and university applications are fast approaching, pressure and worry has really begun to set in. I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets this way sometimes. Life just has a little way of preparing you for inevitable dramas that are often just around the corner. I had a moment to myself recently when I just started to think about my entire teen years and all the highs and the lows and how they have all made a huge contribution to many of the things I am and the things I do today. When you have a little time to yourself , think about all the progress you've made over the pat few years and you may actually surprise yourself.
A couple of things stood out to me as I was having my little reflection and I felt like I had to share them with you.
1. Never try to make yourself the image of someone else. Never, never, never.
2. Go back and try new things you didn't have time for in the past
3. Fireworks are definitely a good idea
4. Don't let other peoples definition of beautiful get mixed up with yours
5. Mistakes are chances to learn
What would you say you have learnt the most from your younger self, or what would you say to your younger self now? Let me know in the comments
Have a spectacular week
When she writes

Monday, 5 October 2015


I have been seriously missing blogging. It's coming up to my 1st year since I started this site and all the memories seem to be flooding back. Back then I felt so unaccomplished , blogging seemed to fill that hole.

Since then, it has been constant change for me,  have been rebuilding and developing myself, this whole entire process has become one giant project for me. My blog has always brought me so much joy, I used to write many posts a week, have so many exciting conversations with my readers, all this was a formation of my own little network. However, since then  I think I have lost touch with blogging. I'm not sure why, probably because when your going through changes , sometimes the whole experience can be overwhelming.
To be totally honest, I feel like over the past few months, the hole that blogging filled, has slowly started to widen up again and I find myself desperately trying to fill it. Blogging just brings something to the table that nothing else seems to offer :So that's why I'm returning.
That's right, When she writes is officially back open for business. I mean properly. Like the old stuff I miss writing so much, proper weekly posts and lots of lots of interacting with other bloggers. As my 1 year on blogger approaches , I really want to look back on my journey positively. I can't wait to share more memories with you all!
When she writes