Sunday, 24 July 2016


Hi Guys, hope you are all well!
 Lately i have been feeling empowered and inspired. Living life in a stagnant state, with minimal progression can become tiresome and depressing.
I myself, have experienced the damaging effects of living a stagnant life. This changed when I decided that I wanted so much more from my life.
It is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, but your actions and plans can influence the direction in which it goes I recently learned a valuable lesson about planning. A key message I took from this was the importance of planning to achieve your dreams. It takes time, in my opinion anyway, to create a plan that will determine your life success. However, as someone who has a creative mind, I found the idea of vision boarding both productive, quick and enjoyable. 
Some people who I have talked to about this found the idea quite silly. I on the other hand, find the idea of picturing your future dreams as a good way of visualizing the direction you are heading.

The concept is simple..
1. Get a piece of card/ paper/ scrapbook paper- I used an A3 sheet of card
2. Collect old magazines, newspapers, pictures, postcards, quotes etc- basically any resource that contains information that will inspire you
3. Cut out anything that you feel represents your dreams and visions

4. Stick them on to the paper - i used a glue stick for this 
5. Place the board in a place you will often see it , that way you will often see your visions - mine is on my bedroom wall

Although small, my vision board included just a few of my future goals- my personality, mindset, style and material aspirations. Let me know in the comments what you would include on your vision board and if you will take up this idea!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yes!! :D Love this-- will definitely try this to beat summer boredom (lol if that exists anymore with my busy schedule) and keep a hold on my dreams and aspirations!! Thanks for the cute and inspiring idea (:

  2. very nice post, i'll have to try this out :))

    xx emily

  3. I love this, this is such a fun idea and I can relate to what you said at the beginning :) thanks for sharing this!

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