Monday, 4 July 2016


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As promised, im finally pullig myself together to write something for you all today. Most of you probably do not know that I recently turned 18. I sarted this blog when I was 16 and back then, I was severely lacking in confidence and needed an outlet for my anger, frustrations and an opportunitiy to be heard. I feel I've changed a lot since then, entering a new phase of progression. Some of my goals I set out for myself since the beginning of this blog are yet to be accomplished. On top of this, there are new things I have discovered about myself . This year, I plan to enoy life to the fullest and to completely appreciate the life I am living.
Last night, after a long weekend of birthday celebrations, I finally caught a moment to think about what I want for myself this year. Usually when I do this, I set my self goals, but this time I'm making promises.  Promises to me,are more secure, it seems wrong to break a promise to yourself. Let me know some of the promises or goals you have made for yourself in the comments below!

1. I promise to be kinder to me
My teenage years , so far have been filled with a lot of self- hate, self-blame and a lack of appreciation for self. This year, I want to look at myself and actually appreciate who I have become.
2. I promise to make real friends
Recently I had a situation when I thought my friends would be there for me but they let me down. This year, I plan to develop secure and positive friendships ith people whoo actually appreciate me.

3. I promise to make positive changes to my appearance
Throughout my life , my appearance has obviously changed a lot. However, a label that has stuck throughout these changes was one that has had a profound impact on my self image...FAT. From a young age I quickly learned that this was a negative label , something undesirable in our appearances. This lead me to loathe my body. Sometimes I would be too disgusted by my appearance to look at myself. Recently, I have begun to see so much more beauty in myself to the extent that I actually feel happy in my body for the first time in years. This year, I promise to make myself healthy, exercise and basically glow from inside- out. Im joining the gym tomorrow and I will hopefully start logging my weight loss journey on my blog as a new series!

4. I promise to embrace my new found confidence
I will continue putting myself in new situations and becoming more and more confident and happy.

5.I promise to start a business/ empire
This year I am going to uni to study Social Work. However, one of my highest ambitions is to start a business. I plan to use my writing skills to start something very special. I won't let you know too much yet but hopefully the service will be available to you guys soon!

6. I promise to change my attitude to learning
Exams have made me hate education and learning and I would love to once again see the positives that learning actually has.

7. I promise to have the best first year at Uni
University is a chance for me to start a fresh, with new people, friends and so much more. I will be about 4 hours away from my home... I'm nervous but excited!

8. I promise to create lasting memories

9. I promise to discover my talent
I've always wanted to get into dance and music. Many people usually start things like that at a young age but since I didn't have the opportunity to do these things then, I feel it is the perfect time to do them now.

10. I promise to discover a new emotion...

11. I promise to invest in myself
I often put others before me and forget to put time and money into my own well being. I want to start taking care of myself.

12.I promise to show my feelings more
Besides through this blog, I neer discuss my feelings ith anyone. I'm actually quite a closed person. I promise to be more open.

13. I promise to get back into writing
I want to blog more, start a business based on my writng , write a book, write for magazines, write short stories and collaborate with other writers. Writing is one of my biggest passions in life.

14. I promise to get back into reading
My biggest childhood hobby, I don't want to loose that with age.

15. I promise to become more creative

16. I promise to enjoy my final teenage years
They say these are the best times of your life and this year will be no exception.

17. I promise to stop the negativity
A new year, a new mindset.

18. I promise to regret nothing

If you reached the end of this post, please give yourselves a fat pat on the back! pleas let me know if you like this post and comment below if you want to see more posts like this.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Just found your blog and I love it!!

  2. Love this. Everyone should have a list like this, and I wish you all the best as you move forward to check those things off on yours!! I've enjoyed reading all of your posts-- you've come such a long way and there's no turning back now! Don't stop doing what you do! (:

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie, i really appreciate this support it reminds me why i should continue blogging! loving all the love you have left on my postsxx