Sunday, 1 November 2015


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Happy new month readers!
Lately I have been feeling like I have been seriously lacking ambition. Before , I used to set myself blogging goals, life ambitions and just in general dream big. I feel like reality and fear have played  big part in me no longer thinking like a life boss, with everything under control. For those of you have been reading since the start of my blogging journey, will know I never like to leave a problem unfixed.
Life goals are soooo important, something I plan to do by the end of this year is to create a vision boar on my bedroom door , so that every time I walk in my room , I can see my future. I also , definitely want to create a plan to completely reinvent me. Ok , well not completely, but just enough for me to form a new mind-set, a way of thinking and a confident way of presenting myself. This is something that is really going to form the basis of my goals this month.

When she writes: glorious and maybe slightly unachievable goals for November
1. Give your blog a makeover! Show it the same love and attention you would want for yourself!

2. Gain 20 or more followers to join in the fun!

3. Make a lifelong friend

4. Get focussed a school and place your education first again

5. figure out what you want to be in life

6. Love life a whole lot more

I would love for you to share your goals too!


  1. This is such a good idea!! ^-^

  2. #4. I need to do that. i just applied to an american university in london so fingers crossed!
    i've been such a slacker lately. i wish you luck in completing these : )


  3. #5. I definitely need to figure what I want to do in life. Such a hard decision though, isn't it? Sometimes I think it's just me that is so confused. Anyway, I loved your November Goals, I hope you achieve them by December! :) xx