Thursday, 1 January 2015


because its 2015
because you made it
new year = new opportunities = endless possibilities
you're alive
everyday is an opportunity to make something of yourself
there are 7 billion people out there. talk to some them.
today is a fresh start
be grateful long nights.
The rising of the sun
watching the sun set
the moon
the stars
long conversations
hot chocolate
with marshmallows
the sea
small cafes
reading books
close relationships
unbreakable friendships
having a family to share today with you
you can look towards the future now
you are very special
you have the chance to change your life today
happiness comes from what you do
you can inspire
you can bring joy to other people
there is only the present
because today is beautiful

Happy New Year all! We have finally entered the new year and I just wanted to edge away slightly from your usual new years resolutions post, but instead talk about the little things that have made reaching 2015 really worth it
 I really wanted to do a lot more posts before I go back to school Next Week, unfortunately this week has just been so, so busy. However, I have been trying to sort this blog out before the new year.
1) I have got organized and have planned all my post for January!
2) I finally created an email address for my blog ( please view the 'contact me' page)
3)  I created a bloglovin account ( to follow, click the blue button on the left)
4) I have a schedule (Wednesday and Saturday) I wish I could post more but school gets in the way

I love hearing from you all and we are going to have a great year on this blog, I know it!
What makes you grateful from today?
Let's make 2015 magical!


  1. The best thing about life is that all this doesn't care about a new year..sunrise and sunset is always beautiful, books are always interesting but new year makes us feel good for reason I can't understand.I love this post :D :D
    School?What are you studying? (just curious :D)
    Great progress blogwise,you're doing so well :D
    And before I forget, Happy New Year!Have a wonderful 2015 :D

    1. thanks so much Neal :) Happy new year to you too! I cant wait to read more of your posts this year! In England we have these things called A-levels which you complete between the 2 years before you can go to university. I am studying 4 A-levels : biology, sociology psychology and english ( but I will probably drop biology next year) Its really not that exciting! What are you studying ?

    2. I'm in college..I'm doing engineering in Computer Science (in 3rd Sem currently) :)
      I hated biology had to study it till 10 it was horrible :P
      We have examination here at the end of 12th class we call it 'Boards'.
      All the best with your A-levels :)

    3. WOW. Engineering in computer science? you must be pretty smart! Good luck in your exams, i'm sure you will ace them!

    4. No not very smart, stop it you're making me blush :P
      I do alright never aced any exam :P
      All the best to you too :D

    5. haha :) im sure you will this time!

    6. I tagged you on my blog check it out

  2. Lovely post. ^_^
    A lot of things make me grateful today, but mainly just being able to be with my family is the thing I'm most thankful for. <3

    1. thanks Adaline ! Im thankful for my family too!

  3. I love this post!

    I am so grateful for the Lord, and His never changing love, and I'm also thankful for all of my bloggy friends!


    1. thank you Adelaide:) I feel exactly the same way!

  4. Omg creepy! My schedule is Wednesdays and Saturdays! They're my fave days of the week.
    And this post made me feel a little better. I'm having a crappy New years Eve.

    Love your blog<3


    1. We must be twins! I'm sorry your not having the best day,but I'm so happy that this post could at least make you feel a little better:) Thanks for visiting!

  5. That's such a nice list! Made me think about some of the stuff and how much it actually means when you look back on it :)

    Lovely post x

    1. Thank you Jessica:) I felt that way too when I was writing it! stay in touchx

  6. this is such a sweet post!

    from helen at

  7. Happy new year!!!

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  9. Hello from Poland der :) Thanks for your nice comment <3 All the best for 2015 :*

  10. Happy new year

    Love Vikee

  11. Happy New Year!! :D

  12. nice post ! :) Would you like to follow each other on GFC ?
    Just let me know in my newest post ♥

  13. Happy New Year!! May in 2015 your dreams come true! :)

  14. Nice post! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog & I followed u back! :)


  15. Followed back <3

  16. Lovely post, so inspiring and actually makes me smile. I really like your blog its really entertaining and just fun to read. Again thanks a lot for nominating me for the sisterhood award. Keep up the great work xxxx

    1. Thanks Abbie, that means a lot! No problem, you deserved itxx