Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hello my lovelies , I hope your week has bee going well. I wasn't actually intending to post but there are just a few things I want to let you all know.
If this is not your first time visiting my blog ( if it is welcome to my blog please read this post) you may have noticed that there have been some slight changes. This has happened firstly because I believe that if I want to truly enjoy blogging my blog needs to best fit me, I want my blog to be something I can be proud of and the layout comes into that. Also I have received some constructive criticism from some of you all who informed me that my blog needed some improvement, which is fine but please all just bear in mind that I have only just started blogging around under 2 weeks ago and it is still a work in progress.

Continuing with the topic of being a new member of the blogging world ,it also means that at the moment I don't have a routine or have the hang of it yet. I have been getting plenty of inspiration from some amazing blogs (which I hope to blog about) which are all an encouragement to develop my blog further.
I saw this post recently and it really made me smile as it really reminded me of my childhood. Although this picture can be found in a children's book it is something all of us big kids can lean from!
Again, I was recently asked the question' what is your idea of perfect happiness) lord knows that I do not know how to answer that question. So now I thought I would ask you guys. What does perfect happiness mean to you? How do you achieve it? Does perfect happiness exist?
Thanks for reading , don't feel shy to comment follow or share this post! I would LOVE you all to have a little chat with me I am more than happy to make some new blogger friends.


  1. A full bag of chips is perfect happiness trust me :P
    Other then that it doesn't exist because once we get something we're happy about we need something else.

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

  2. To be honest, your blog looks very professional & I am surprised that it is just
    two weeks old. I remember mine being very amateur for the first six months.
    Keep blogging & just have fun! :)

    On a side note would you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets keep in touch! :)


    1. thanks so much :) of course I would love to follow you!

  3. I can't believe that people criticized your blog! I have been blogging for 5+ years, and still don't have my own layout. Your Blog looks great, and the most important thing is the content! Keep it up the good work!

    Happiness to me is having my family around, and not having to leave.


    1. thank you very much! It's not great having criticism but at least I now know I can make it better. I agree there is nothing better than family:) Thank you for your comment and follow :)

  4. Lovely post, every blog is different and yours is already fantastic, so just keep doing what you're doing! :D I love that Roald Dahl quote btw, recently mentioned it on my blog in fact! haha :)

    I have a new outfit post on my blog, would love to know your thoughts;


    1. thanks so much for your lovely comment :) I love the quote it reminded me so much of the good times !
      I will be checking out your blog soon! x

  5. You're doing great work here - keep it up! :) I guess, that you're really right and children can learn a lot from this. :)

    Would you like to follow each other via GFC, Bloglovin' or Facebook? I'd be so happy! :)

    XX, Sara.

    1. thanks so much I would love to follow each other !

  6. Hey thank you for stopping by my blog! You have a nice blog here and welcome to the blogging world! Nice post..Keep writing..Your new follower :)

    from Lazygulrox

  7. It's okay of you're still trying to figure out how your blog is supposed to look. I was toying around with my blog design for awhile before I finally settled with the one I have. But what you said is right, it should suit you and if it's alright with you then that's all that matters. Btw, your blog looks great even now :*
    Check my blog out?!

    -Kathie K