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Hello all, I hope your week has been amazing! At last the weekend is here!

As the year is coming to a close and the doors of 2015 are slowly beginning to open,I think it is important that we go back and remember the amazing things we did that made 2014 what it was. This year I really wanted to open my eyes to new experiences and broaden my view of the world.

what better way to do this than to travel. This year I visited Paris. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. We went in the summer yet it rained and rained day after day. However, we were all determined to enjoy the experience. I visited so many places that I have seen in pictures and dreamed that I would one day visit. Romance, fashion and fun.I have seen it all.

I visited the MUSEE DU LOUVRE and although I was really excited to visit, we did not get to stay long because of the extraordinarily long queues. We briefly had a look around and what we did see was in fact very beautiful.
Of course you cannot go to Paris without going to EFFIEL TOWER. At first I was feeling optimistic about climbing the steps of the Effiel tower however things to a turn for the worse when once again it began to rain. Yes, I was wearing flip flops.If you have ever tried climbing the Effiel Tower in flip flops you will find that in fact it is not an easy task. You will undoubtedly slip and more that likely fall. which is of course what I did. Having said, that although I am afraid of heights, it was a great opportunity and the view, when we finally did reach the top, was stunning. I would definitely advice you to visit if you get the chance (and of course use suitable footwear.) Some people used lifts instead of stairs however if you want to really experience the beauty and challenge of climbing the Effiel Tower, I would advice you take the stairs you do not want to miss out in what may be a one in a life time opportunity.

I also went to the one and only LOVE LOCK BRIDGE. After getting lost about a million times ( I am VERY unfamiliar with French transport) I was stunned by the beauty that was the love lock bridge.

If you get the chance to visit the love lock bridge please take the time to read the beautiful messages that people leave behind. I was lucky enough to see a wonderful couple taking pictures for their engagement and it just looked so perfect. I also managed to get an amazing little bracelet handmade by a man who had been making these every day for 10 years! I was amazed by his resilience to carry out  the same job for so long. I would definitely recommend that you visit here and of course leave behind your very own message.

 If you do get the opportunity to visit Paris, with out a doubt I would recommend that you experience the night life. I so glad that I had the opportunity to experience what I did. The streets were wild , busy and buzzing. And I got to be a part of this. People were wining and dinning, Shops were pouring with amazing souvenirs and tourists were soaking up Paris in all its glory. I of course could not leave Paris without having a taste of their famous crepes. The man who made them was so kind and the Nutella crepes wee mouth-wateringly delicious. Although we did get lost (again) on the way back, I definitely would recommend experiencing the night life.


A strange but inevitable tourist attraction I would recommend you all visit/use would be the METRO. Although It was incredibly crowded, I found it incredible that people carried out live performances (unlike in London) I wish I had a video for you guys because some of them had real talent.
Last but not least, when you go to Paris you must shop .I am saving my best buys for another post but I thought it was important to share it with you guys anyway because it was a BIG pat of the trip. WARNING: please do not go to the centre of Paris with the impression that everything will be cheap because my god you will be disappointed. I spent so much on little things because there was not hope in finding them cheaper. Having said that, there was amazing markets around that sold great items for cheap prices.

Wow, that was a long post ! I enjoyed writing this post because it reminded me of the amazing things I have had the opportunity to do this year. This year I have really tried to make some changes to my life, which I will talk about in another post, one of which included creating this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that I did not bore you half to death with my memoirs! Please follow, comment and share this post , I really appreciate all of your support!

(sorry about the pictures, I took them all on my phone and I am not the best photographer!)

Thanks for reading ! xx


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  2. Sounds like a great year :) The photos are lovely as well :D

  3. SO jealous you went to Paris... shame it rained every single day - knowing my luck that would happen to me as well aha

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    1. it was my first holiday in about 10 years so I was gutted! Thank you for visiting xx

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  6. I love Paris!!! nice post!! thank you so much for your visit!!!
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