Monday, 24 November 2014


Hello all, I hope your weekend was magical!

I told you I had some festive surprises in stall for you! I am literally obsessed. Tinsel, mince pies and tree lights a revolving around my mind endlessly. Lets be honest with ourselves, we all think about Christmas about 70% of the year  but it isn’t until the winter jackets come out do we really feel it is acceptable to really celebrate. I mean really. Christmas tress, parties, advent calendars. The lot.

I have always felt that Christmas is really is the most glorious magical and wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. There are ,and I warn you this may shock you , some scrooges out there who want nothing more than for the Christmas trees to be pulled down, the lights to be switched off and for the weather to be 20 degrees again. If this is you, then read on.

Nothing says Christmas more than the sound of Christmas song. Naturally, have put together some of my favourite Christmas songs as well as my favourite Christmas pictures for you to look at which may get you feeling Christmassy. If this does not get you in the mood then I don’t know what will!

I do not own any of these pictures or videos
Thanks for all the support I have been getting from you guys , It is really appreciated. Let me know if you have any suggestions for my blog for example what kind of content you want to see . I am hoping to put up more original pieces of writing in the future . Please feel free to follow, comment and share this blog, any feedback will be valued !

Thanks for reading !


  1. hi dear!! soo beautiful songs all of them.. aww i miss christmas soo much! just followed you on gfc! hope to see you on my page too! kisses!

  2. I can't see you on my list but it might be a temporay bug, no problem! I'm your new follower too, kisses!